Children Playing

About Bridge Center

Our Philosophy

At Bridge Center, our focus is on children experiencing big emotions. We use play-based strategies to curate an interactive, approachable therapeutic process. Research has shown that play is the highest form of learning. Therefore a crucial component in their social, emotional, and physical development.  

The children we work with are often experiencing meltdowns, outbursts, challenges at school, peer relationships, anxiety, or depression. They lack the proper tools to navigate daily life and experience childhood in the way it was intended to be. 


You are likely frustrated, burned out, and are concerned about how this will impact your child's future. You may have been told they will "grow out of it" yet that growth has not happened yet.  You want your children to be resilient, happy and feel confident in their daily life. Your job is hard already as a parent, so leave the work to us. 

We believe that at the root of all behaviors is an emotional component that is making your child unable to cope. Our therapists work to uncover this emotional component and work with you and your child to develop foundational coping strategies and tools. 

This process allows children to transform into whom they want to be, develop independence and navigate life's challenges with ease. As a parent you can get back to what is most important, deepening the connection with your child.  

It is hard to ask for support. We know that if every child has the opportunity to have a transformative experience through therapy it can have an impact not just on your family, your community, but the rest of the world.