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Around here we are pretty excited about what we do. We would love to share our excitement with you. Invite us to speak at your next event,  provide team building for your staff, contribute a quote or interview for your article

Speaking Events

We have been a parenting and early child resource in the community for many years. We have developed partners with preschools, educators, and other childcare providers to enhance the environments for individuals, parents and children alike.   

Whether you are wanting to educate your staff, or provide research based parenting support to the families you work with, 

Our staff is available to speak at your next event. We have spoke in a number of arenas on a variety of topics. Our play based approach not only provides comprehensive content, but also interactive and engaging exercises.


Have us speak at your next event!

Topics t hat have been presented:

  • Parenting & Play Understanding the Power of Play 

  • Energy Regulation

  • Better than a Band Aid: Techniques to Soothe Your Child

  • Exploring Sensation: The true purpose of sight, taste, smell.... 

  • Becoming Friends with Feelings

  • Why Does my Kiddo Do that? Strategies to Manage Behavior

  • Taking Time Outs: Who Should Take Them, When it Use Them 

  • Saying Yes, to Saying No: Resisting the Urge of Indulgence 

Invite us to help facilitate team building and employee empowerment for your company

Topics t hat have been presented:

  • Values Factor: Understanding Your Values to Increase Confidence

  • Defining Relationship: Skills to Enhance the Client/Business Relationship

  • Empowering Voices: Strategies to Run Effective Teams so Everyone is Heard

  • Importance of Emotion in Sales

  • Your Story and Why it Matters

  • Power of Play in the Workplace

  • Falling In Love with Your Job: Going to Work Without it Feeling Like Work 

Staff Empowerment Workshops

Our founder Bridget Borsdorf has long been invested in understanding the dynamics of work environments. As a sociologist Bridget ignited this curiosity and as a play therapist she has found a unique way to create more sustainability and satisfaction in the work place. 

Whether you organization needs a major shift or you just want to get your staff psyched about the work they are doing, Bridget can bring the importance of play to your workplace.  


Bridget has spoken in a variety of work place settings, has successfully trained many therapists, provided business based coaching, and grown her company to employee several therapist in an environment that is sustainable, exciting, and enjoyable. 


Time, Energy, Budget

We believe that there is nothing more important than your time, energy and money. Therefore we work with a variety of budgets and time frames.  

Whether you are wanting a full day immersion for your workplace or professional development for your educators. We can offer a variety of packages that will meet your organizations needs. We highly suggest you reach out to discuss the specifics of your event or group. We will help you determine what is best suited for you.