Child Therapists

Meet Our Therapists

Here at the Bridge Center it is very important to us that you work with someone who is able to meet your needs and expectations. Our therapists all have a variety of experience and expertise, in addition to extensive training with children, parents and families. We invite you to get to know all our therapists and make a suggestion who you may feel is the best fit to work with you, your child, or family. 

Founder, CEO

Bridget Tedeschi

Bridget started the practice with the intention of bringing health and wellbeing to children and their families. She has worked with a variety of issues and challenges, and has found the work with self-acceptance, confidence building, and parents to be the most fulfilling. Personal growth and development is her passion, not only with families, but also in coaching, instructing, and mentoring therapists, teachers, alike. 

Want to join our team?
Allie Fahlsing

Allie has worked with children all of her life, including being a camp counselor, nannying, and a children’s grief support group. She comes to us from Ann Arbor, Michigan where she worked as a social worker with children and families. She has an innate ability to provide a safe place for children to explore their feelings and express themselves for who they truly are. Allie is passionate about using her clients interests to build skills that will help reach their goals. 



Jen Kubalak

Jen has a gentle nature and natural passion when working with children that creates a space for present moment magic to occur. She has been working with kids of all ages throughout the years. She has a wide variety of experience ranging from summer camp and nannying to the Natural Highs program with teens. Jen earned her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Naropa University, with a concentration in Transpersonal Psychology. She is passionate about incorporating spirituality & connection to the natural world  with development. Her specialty is working with grief & life cycles to empower children and their families to understand what is happening for them on a deeper level, to take their next steps in a safe supported space.

Jamie Quail


Jamie has a warmth and ability to relate to children that has guided her life’s work towards play therapy. From play therapy to working with children in the transitions between foster care, adoption, and reunification with their families, Jamie has developed a deep passion for supporting kids and their families through life’s various struggles. Her main focus in the playroom has been helping children through challenges with boundaries & defiance, emotional sensitivity, aggression, fears & anxiety, and self-confidence. She believes that all children have the ability for growth, emotional awareness, and healing should we simply allow them to explore their emotional experience in a safe, empowering, and therapeutic environment. Jamie is committed to supporting the entire family system so that goals and resolution are reached not only in the playroom, but in your daily lives too.

Jess Chambers


Jess has always been passionate about working with children and has an innate ability to meet the child where they are at. From being a pre-school teacher, exercise physiologist for children, assisting clients in meeting health and behavioral goals, working with the behavioral health population, working in school and home settings as a speech language pathologist assistant, and nannying, this diverse background of everchanging environments is how play therapy found Jess. She creates a safe and supportive space for children to become aware of their emotions, be themselves, and continue to grow and connect.

Kara Nolle-Percy


Over the last ten years, Kara has had the privilege of working with children and families in non-profit, school, church, and behavioral health settings. Kara is currently earning her MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Grand Canyon University. She is passionate about helping children learn, grow, develop, and connect. Her desire is to provide a safe environment for her clients to process and heal through play.

Mikey Espegren


Mikey is a new therapist at our center. Her clinical experience has been at Colorado Christian Counseling Center, working with young adults. She is eager to expand this lens to include younger children as well, and integrate additional methods of play therapy and child-focused work. She loves being an aunt and takes great inspiration from the curiosity and present moment experience she has with her niece and nephew. In her free time, she enjoys the great outdoors. 

Lizzie White


Lizzy has had direct experience working with adolescents of all ages since she can remember. From babysitting at a young age to working in a teen boys group home, she enjoys helping children embrace themselves just as they are. She has also gained experience providing animal-assisted and horticultural therapeutic activities for at-risk children and has had experience working in a special education classroom. She loves everything about children and enjoys being around them, regardless of the emotions they exhibit. Currently, Lizzy is finishing up a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy. She hopes to pursue her passion by integrating the natural world into her professional career. 

Chana Halberg

Therapist & Intake Cordinator

Chana has loved working with children all her life. She comes from a large family with many nieces and nephews of all ages. Her love of children has translated into her volunteer work in afterschool programs for children living in homeless shelters as well as her time as an assistant teacher in a nature preschool. Her approach to therapy involves energy, authenticity, and a focus on working towards regulation and tolerance of body sensation. She is currently finishing her Masters degree in Somatic Counseling at Naropa University and is excited to utilize her body-based education to augment play therapy and parent-child relationship building.

Matthew Mercier