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Emotional Mastery:

Discovering Your

Authentic Self to Raise

Brave Beings

Hosted by Bridget Borsdorf, MA, LPC

Bridget, has dedicated her life's work to helping parents, children, therapists, and students uncover their authentic selves. Her self developed, Transformative Process, has changed the lives of many. Her courses utilize this incredible method to instill confidence and peace of mind in developing a relationship with your emotions. She believes everyone is worthy of more joy, more passion and more excitement. These programs allow anyone near or far to participate in this incredible experience. 

In this 6-Week Course You'll Learn: 

  • A complete A-Z Blueprint for creating Lifelong Emotional Wellness for you and your children that will decreases all unwanted behaviors, builds massive connection and trust while unlocking you and your child’s inner bravery to handle difficult things

  • Eliminate Unwanted Behaviors to enhance connection with you and your child leaving more time for the "fun stuff"

  • Peace of Mind + Clarity: No more power struggles or negotiation.

  • 6 Information Packed Modules: It seriously kills us watching parents, feel like they aren't good enough. So you will have your very own workbook, videos and slides to revisit every time you need a pep talk that you are strong enough to handle whatever comes your way. 

  • BONUS : The Art of Not Getting What You Want Training

Weekly Facebook Live

Join Us Every Thursday @ 2:00pm

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