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Growth Through Creativity: An Intention for the New Year

Creating takes a lot of courage and vulnerability to put a part of yourself out there. Creating also shows an aspect of your internal world, and what could be going on beyond the surface. Creating takes trust, faith and unconditional positive regard in terms of self love! Putting myself out there by creating, and showing up as my best self can feel intimidating. This year I want to create space for myself to be fully me. I want to create an environment that reflects what my goals are and what I am trying to achieve. This year, I want to touch as many lives as possible! I want to create a more empowered self each & every day through simplicity and generosity. I think the hardest part of creating is being able to figure out where you belong, feel safe in your environment and feel motivated enough to share a piece of yourself to the world around you. It is so important to self reflect and check in with what’s happening internally. Here are some of the reasons I feel creativity can feel hard to spark: Expectations: I want things to turn out perfectly. In reality, I’m not even exactly sure what that means. There are times when i am creating, whether it is collaging, rearranging or clearing through my closet and I want to show up as my best self! Truly! Sometimes I have to remind myself of who I am, vs. who I think I am to become more clear on what I am creating for myself. Being realistic helps me to understand myself more and who I am becoming in the process. I think that creativity can show up in many places as we develop from process to process. We are always growing and changing, and it is important to be open minded and open hearted. Being observant: Ideas, examples and people inspire me daily but sometimes I can feel so overwhelmed with said expectations, stimulation or so much happening outside of myself that it is hard to reflect on what is around me; and how I am involved. Challenging my present moment self: Am I willing? Can I be okay with where I am vs. where I want to be in order to understand myself better? Am I open to what is changing, what is new and what could be? Risk Taking: Am I ready to explore although having feelings around the unknown territory that hasn’t been explored before feels scary? Acceptance: Have I loved myself to know that I am growing through creative means, even if I cannot see it quite yet? This year, I have planted seeds of arugula, chives, tomatoes, basil, cilantro and mixed greens in my aero garden with intentions to harvest and pot plants. Traditionally, I gift these plants to “spread the love and intention” to others. I put my own intentions for the year into these plants so that I could watch them grow as I grow in a parallel process. Whenever I get into the mind set of thinking that I should be trying harder or doing more, I know that I am needing a reminder of just where I’ve started and just how far I’ve actually come: Remember, like plants, we need proper conditions to grow and to reach for the light in order for us to feel safe and secure enough to start creating. What excites you? What brings you pure joy? What are some things that make you giddy like a child again? For me, my gratitude journal reminds me of how lucky I really am, and how much of an impact people have made in my life, and likewise! This journal keeps me grounded. Every. single. Day! I can’t believe that I am doing this work & appreciating it fully! I also record my magic moments of each day. To me, magic moments are things that happen so spontaneously and seamless that might seem out of this world! I’ve also noticed that the more I track these moments, the more they continue to happen! Whether it’s stargazing, or my dog being an angel, or finding money on the ground, I am reminded that I am important, I am valued and my feelings matter! So much! In this space of “magic moments” I feel expanded in wonder and awe and ready to create. Listen to your head, follow your heart & most importantly, trust your gut. You are creation & you are ready to create, in whatever way that looks for you!

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