“The heart has it’s reasons of which reason knows nothing” - Blaise Pascal

In a time where we are trusting intuition more and more as an increasingly legitimate choice point due to intuition being pinpointed as a neurologically based behavior that we as humans respond quickly to when faced with a dilemma, it is truly a gift to be able to tap into our own intuitive wisdom. If self-trust is the key to evolution, let’s jump into the unknown! Or start to become aware to building a trust muscle a little at a time can be the best place to start.

What is self-trust?

Self-trust looks like surrendering control, balancing between a plan & uncertainty, learning how to listen to an inner source, spontaneous action, and most importantly authentic, allowing. Self-trust can be an overwhelmingly exciting acceptance in allowing a natural unfolding. It can be hard to put words to it, especially when it looks different for everyone or if everyone has a different way they follow their own knowing. Self-trust is accompanied with feelings, emotions and body sensations. Paying attention to how these senses show up add more meaning and flavor to my own personal process.

Times are trying right now. Especially because trusting might feel like the last thing we are inclined to do. Before trusting, I want to wonder why, I want to know more I want to figure things out. The hard part is that I do not get to know most things. I can’t foresee how long and how impactful this could actually be. It’s hard to imagine that this place is only a part of the process. It’s easy to feel misaligned when we have been asked on a large scale to live & love our lives in an entirely different way right now. It’s a time to wake up, inspire, create, retreat, give ourselves the permission to soften and feel into flow. Collective change doesn’t make it any easier to adapt and move along, however it does take a little soul searching, grieving, reflection, slowing down, re-evaluating and nurturing to determine what’s actually important and finding those necessary connections that will carry us through. A place of presence. A place of practice. A place of evolution. A place of shedding. A place of hibernation. A place of magic truly understanding that doing less is being more. As we shift, what could be more important than trusting what we have done up until now has been such a guiding force to bring us to this very moment of contemplation.

As someone who has a strong inner critic, it takes me time and practice to prove to myself that what I am doing is happening in a step by step process. Self-trust is like a muscle; built with resistance one experience at a time. My rational mind likes to speak louder than my intuition, and can often be impatitent when it comes to decisions of all kinds.

Trusting myself ultimately leaves me with clarity, inspiration, excitement, truth and expansion. By paying attention to how I’m feeling in my body sensations in particular allows spaciousness to assess and confirm my instincts in order to make important decisions or choose the path for me! Self-trust is very much reliant on connection to self. Can I be with myself enough to honor my deepest wishes? Can I be with myself enough to relish in all facets of self? Can I hold my hand and show myself the way? These are some of the questions that I hold close to my heart in times of turmoil, stress and fatigue. Even in my darkest day, can I still trust my inner light and guidance? Can I give myself a break? Can I turn to my own internal experience and generate that back into the world? Can I ask for a sign from the universe? Can I ask for animal guidance or an animal significance to show me a sign? Can I ask guides, be them historical, religious, spiritual, angelic figures to be with me in a time of the unknown? The possibilities are infinite when it comes to trusting your own process and what’s best for you.

How do I know the difference between my intuition and my rational mind?

Often times I experience a sense of Deja Vu. I have always trusted that Deja Vu for me is a form of intuition or confirmation that I am in the “right place” or “right on track” & acceptance for the fact that my brain can’t quite rationalize or explain. I can trust this definition for me, because in every instance I have experienced Deja Vu thus far, time and time again I am left feeling aligned, clear and sometimes giddy. It is often exactly the spring board I need for the next big moment. It can also be represented in a way where I know exactly what is going to happen right before it happens.

As for trusting, leaping off a cliff, setting myself up for the the next level, I am still learning to trust my infinite potential. Let’s face it. It is going to take some repetition. For someone like me, who feels challenged by relinquishing some elements of control, it can take some time to implement a trust muscle. Look for meaning in the little things. Start small. Set intentions. Gather results. Trust the process more than any part of your life. I believe in you! Be sure to surround yourself with people who can help reflect your growth and support you in many ways on your journey to your best version of self.

Big Love,

Take Care ❤️

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